Drifters – A John Grierson film with live score by Jason Singh – Tour

January / February 2015

This was a unique and very special event featuring vocal sculptor, musician and beatboxer Jason Singh and one of the one of the most influential films ever made.

Jason Singh performed a live vocal score to John Grierson’s monumental silent film, Drifters.  Premiering alongside Battleship Potemkin in 1929, Drifters follows North Sea herring fishermen through their dramatic daily routines.

Singh’s score is a totally unique performance which combines live vocal sound effects, voice manipulation, beatboxing and live sampling with one of the most significant works in British film history.

Jason works across an extraordinary range of projects with venues partners and promoters from Manchester to Mumbai. His mastery of sound using only voice and electronic manipulation make him one of the most versatile and in demand artists in the UK. He has perfumed at Glastonbury and the V&A museum and has been seen regularly on the BBC’s Spring and Autumnwatch programmes.

Drifter’s was premiered at Manchester’s Cornerhouse Cinema and has been seen in cinemas and venues from Orkney to Iceland. The 2015 tour is supported by Arts Council England.

“An astonishing and mesmeric experience” 
Little White Lies Magazine



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