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Do you work in live music? Want to link up and work with other organisations, facilities and professionals across Europe?

Root Music Joins NIMPE

Root Music is delighted to announce its membership of this exciting new live music industry network made up of partner organisations from France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, UK and Slovenia.

NIMPE (The Network for the Internationalisation of Music Producers in Europe) is an exciting new partnership of industry exports from across the continent whose aim is to create a stronger and more closely networked music industry. It's free to join and immediately gives you easy access to music resources and professionals from across Europe.

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NIMPE can offer:

  • Links to industry partners across Europe
  • New opportunities for work, creative partnerships, touring and more.
  • Easily source specialist professionals and resources for your projects and programme
  • An opportunity to internationally showcase your business and your work
  • Specialist dvice and guidance about growing your business
  • Participation in music industry workshop events
  • Participation in the NIMPE Factory showcase events.

Download the NIMPE workbook

The NIMPE workbook has been created by project partners from Italy, France, Greece, Denmark and Slovenia. The NIMPE workbook provides information and links to regional, national and international initiatives in those countries. It provides examples of best practice across Europe including music promoters, festivals, funders and more.

It can’t and doesn’t cover the whole music industry. However it provides an interesting starting point for anyone interested in working internationally.

Download the file here:

NIMPE Work Book (PDF – 1.2MB)

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NIMPE is funded through Creative Europe and is total free to join. In the first instance simply fill out your details below and we'll be in touch.

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